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Minerals play a Key role in managing the health of the Animals. We need to supply all the nutrients to animals to make them happy and healthy. Every Mineral is important for Animal Nutrition.

All animals need minerals. We need to feed them Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, sodium and trace minerals in their diets to protect them from Mineral Deficiency.

SEA-90 minerals and trace elements can replace any salt or mineral salt you are currently offering your livestock and poultry. It supplies the basic mineral package included in custom blended products plus additional minerals and trace elements present in sea water (85 have been currently identified). If you are purchasing a blended feed or mineral product that contains salt, ask your producer to either eliminate the salt from the mix or add SEA-90 Essential Elements in its place. Many of our customers eliminated supplemental mineral and mineral mixes from their mineral programs after offering SEA-90 Essential Elements. Once incorporated into their mineral program, most customers observed positive changes within three to four weeks.

Livestock Benefits:

Sea-90 for Cattle:

SeaAgri believes that livestock can reach their full genetic potential once SEA-90 is introduced into mineral and fertility farm programs. Herd health improves while new offspring offered a continuing diet containing 92 periodic table minerals and trace elements throughout their lives will be more disease and infection resistant and can grow more quickly to their full potential. After several years, new generations will be superior to their parents in many ways. In addition, SEA-90’s bounty of minerals and trace elements have the ability to remineralize deficient soils and increase the nutrient density of pastures and crops.

Somatic Cell Count:

Somatic cell count (SCC) is the total number of cells per milliliter in milk. Primarily, SCC is composed of leukocytes, or white blood cells, that are produced by the cow’s immune system to fight an inflammation in the mammary gland, or mastitis. Since leukocytes in the udder increase as the inflammation worsens, SCC provides an indication of the degree of mastitis in an individual cow or in the herd if bulk tank milk is monitored. An inflammation of the mammary gland may result in clinical mastitis with varying degrees of visible signs of the disease or subclinical mastitis where no visible symptoms occur.

Milk processors want a decreased SCC because it reflects increased cheese yield and keeping quality of the milk. Milk agencies now pay premiums for milk with low SCC.

Cattleman and farmers that fed or offered free choice SEA-90 to their livestock report significant improvement in animal health, disposition, weight gain and days to market. SEA-90 can be foliar applied to pastures for less than 220 rupees per acre. SEA-90 is produced by nature and available exclusively through Sri Surya Aqua feeds in INDIA. It provides balanced minerals and trace elements in numbers never before seen in agriculture. SEA-90 is an extremely versatile product that can be offered to all livestock as mineral salt, broadcast on all types of forage, pastures, crop soils, and is easily dissolved for foliar spraying. SEA-90 is NOP Organic and OMRI Listed® for use in the production of organic food and as an animal feed ingredient.

Pasture grasses could provide our livestock with as many as 100 elements if present in the soil. The periodic table lists more than 92 minerals and trace elements. Through over cropping and long term application of NPK fertilizers, many minerals are lost from soil, carried away or rendered unavailable.

Impact on Protein and Butterfat

After using the Sea 90 for a few weeks milk protein rose 6 percent, and butterfat was up 2 percent.


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