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Welcome to Sea energy Agriculture:

Agriculture is integral part of economy and to supply food for human health. Adding our Minerals on agriculture soils helps to produce high quality food.

The full spectrum minerals and trace elements contained in SEA-90 are exactly proportioned and balanced as in sea water to sustain optimum biological life.

Consider that the elements in sea water are at essentially the same ratios as human blood, and that sea life living in pure and balanced ocean water seems immune to most cancer and other degenerative diseases.

SEA-90 fertilizer, a trace mineral salt, is the product of 40 years of extensive research by Dr. Maynard Murray and SeaAgri proving that soils and crops enhanced or remineralized with full spectrum sea minerals and trace elements grow crops superior to those grown solely with conventional fertilizers.

SEA-90 can be broadcast directly on the soil surface and allowed to absorb into the soil or dissolved and sprayed directly onto growing crops and plants. SEA-90 is a great stand alone fertilizer or mix it with any other product.

Sea 90 Agriculture product used in Farming, Hydroponics, Compost, Compost Tea and all instances where plants, gardening,trees or grasses are grown.


Typical soils used in agriculture are leached of minerals, including trace minerals. Their absence limits soil productivity and fertility.The fastest and first step to put in soil a complete, balanced supply of elemental nutrients for soil microbes, plants and animals is an application of sea minerals. Spreading or spraying a light to moderate load of unrefined sea minerals delivers a fully digested, fully soluble, balanced blend of all 90 elements.


The health and well-being of all living things ultimately depends on a highly mineralized, alive and vibrant soil. Undertaking the task of remineralization is urgent to restore our agricultural soils, to save the dying forests in the temperate latitudes, and to stabilize our climate.

Remineralization dramatically reduces input costs and increases yield for many crops. Remineralization of agricultural land, garden soils and the creation of nutrient dense food with 90-plus minerals is the goal of lifelong advocate of sustainable organic food production, Robert Cain who learned the technology called Sea Energy Agriculture from Maynard Murray, M.D.

The results of using Sea 90 were consistently the same: the plants flourished, matured more rapidly, were healthier, were more disease and drought resistant, and produced outstanding taste along with greater yields.

Foods grown by applying sea solids had significantly more minerals (ash content), vitamins (25 percent more vitamin C in tomatoes; 40 percent more vitamin A in carrots) and sugars.

Millions of pounds have been applied to pasture, grains, hay, row crops, fruit, nut and ornamental trees, gardens, sprouts of all types, wheat grass, lawns, container plants and offered to all forms of livestock as a mineral supplement with outstanding results.

Higher yields, longer shelf life, drought tolerance, improved resistance to diseases and pests, increased vigor and weight gain in animals are just a few of the results being reported. SEA-90 fertilizer can be broadcast on soil or dissolved and applied as a liquid foliar spray.

In Seaagri Founder’s( Robert Cain) opinion, application of these extraordinary sea solids with their 90- plus elements—the sea’s full spectrum of minerals—to tired and depleted soils, plants and animals is the perfect solution.


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